viernes, 10 de octubre de 2008

Sex in your path

From my point of view, sex is a wild and tricky energy. Sex it’s about attraction, polarity, your lacks, your needs, your instincts. It is so complex, so mysterious and complicated that I’m not surprised to see that most religions have decided to prohibit the practice of sex to their students… it would been hell for abbots trying to control monks and nuns from having sex all day! Jajaja (well, they do it anyway don’t they?) ;) jajaja

There’s a Zen phrase that I love to say when I think in this topic:

“Sex is like air, is not important until you are not having any!”

The curious thing is… you’re making your own reality. So, why would I need a life without such a delicious experience? Jajajaja ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with it, in fact if you keep asking yourself the question “why would I need a life without such a delicious experience?” you’ll find that the answer to that pops in your meditation are all fear based. Perhaps fear of rejection, low self esteem, shyness, lack of acceptance of your own body shape, etc… the more and more you go deep in your answers, the more you’ll find that the universe actually want you to enjoy sex! Freely and happier as possible! Did you notice? To enjoy yourself! Yes. That means you’re aware of it, conscious. So first of all we need to get conscious. How?

Three simple steps:

  1. Increase your level of energy. (Meaning: let go of your fears, to love yourself, to love others, then you’ll find that by loving others you will love yourself). Talk to people with an open heart and clear intentions, for example: women respond to chivalry and sincerity from a man who speaks clearly about what he wants from her, (instead of a buffoon who tries to impress her).

  1. Find your purpose in life. (there’s nothing more attractive than a person who is aware of what she/he came to do to this world) “A sailor without direction finds no use in any wind”.

  1. Be aware of the present. (by simply following coincidences, taking opportunities and put your heart in the now that you synchronize with the will of the universe) So when you find the person who attracts you, you’ll know what to do by just going with the flow. (meaning listening to the whispering of light). Remember to train yourself by meditating in any way you like.

The rest is piece a cake!

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