domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2008

I want all Love... to become true

I passed through a process of coming to acknowledge which experience I really want to have in my life. A process that was tearfully difficult and took lots of sincerity, self-awareness and acceptance towards all my human faults (which I refrain to accept very often). The beauty of this process is that the more truthful I become to my self, the faster and easier things that I want in my life, appear in it… it’s amazing!

I believe that the secret to accomplish and understand this process faster is the ability to become responsible (response-able).

At first I wanted to say “detached” or “let go your fears off”, but I didn’t want our unconscious to be linked to any philosophy or religion that it could make us believe that we have to be saints, sages or Buddha, in order to succeed (to accomplish your purpose in life, your maximum expression of your true self, to realize your dreams).

The more I live, the more I come to realize that happiness it’s in everybody’s hands.

From my point of view, to become responsible means: “Don’t lie to your self”.

If anything that I’ve said makes any sense to you, then maybe you’d like to answer some of this questions:

¿Do I truly believe in love?

¿Are my today’s decisions being affected by any fear?

¿Am I afraid of loosing ……………..?

¿Am I afraid that somehow I can’t bring joy and happiness to my life?


¿What do I want to learn from that negative experience?

¿For how long would I let this fears run my life/decisions?

¿Do I truly love my self?

¿Do I really want (………………….) to be an experience in my life?

Let’s be completely honest for a minute…

I want this: ………………………………………….

To the universe, it’s nothing more than a simple equation:

All fear becomes true - All love becomes true.

Which one of those options we want in our lives, it’s up to us.

There’s a phrase I like to joke with God there and again;

“What adventure do you have for me today?”

In general terms, I like to simplify my life; if the experience doesn’t go in concordance with my purpose, then is not really worth it.

Bruno Chiuminatto

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