miércoles, 11 de agosto de 2010


You know when you have a dog, and you wanna teach him good manners…
And you love this dog, coz you love the little bastard right?
But then he looks at you, with those big soaked cuttie little eyes, begging to get beneath the covers of your bed, like saying –“I never ever have the chance to do this”-... And even if you know that in the long term it´d mess with the plan that you had in mind… you let him in.

Then you get the feeling of time passing by, coz you realize that you´re actually enjoing this, not as much as he is of course, but still… and you have a mix of feelings between trying to justify your weakness, a naughty sense of agreement, gilt, and the regret of knowing you didn´t wash him the day before?

Then you swear to yourself… -“next time I´ll be stronger and say no!”-

Well… perhaps that´s why all this time we´ve been getting along with ours in terms of God and man.

Invitación al asombro

Y quien dijo que la inteligencia se limitaba sólo al hombre?